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Stephen Carter OBE


Stephen Carter’s Bio

Stephen Carter OBE is our Chairman

Stephen is a renowned, legendary hotelier and man-manager with a long, distinguished and award-winning career in the hospitality industry. Such was his reputation and level of achievement, Stephen was awarded the OBE for service to the hospitality industry in 2007.

His leadership, business skills and genuine understanding of the people-elements in successful business were honed during his early years with Holiday Inn Incorporated and Stakis, before assuming executive roles with The Cliveden Group, St Andrews Bay and De Vere Hotels and Resorts.

Stephen’s personal affinity with people has seen him lauded throughout the industry and he has excelled in his mentorship role throughout his career, mentoring several industry leaders including Robert Cook (De Vere) and Douglas Waddell (Handpicked Hotels).

He has mastered the rare skill of successfully combining his old-fashioned approach to hospitality with a modern and strategic outlook to business and a nurturing nature with his people. Stephen has served on the former area tourist boards in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife; the Board of Scottish Enterprise; the Hospitality Industry Trust and, Visit Scotland’s board of directors.


Alan Hogg

Managing Director

Alan Hogg’s Bio

Alan is a true and experienced professional recruiter who has a long history of success, working with companies such as: Kerry Roberts, Orange People Solutions, Berkeley Scott, and Leisure People.

His energy, leadership and personal affinity with clients has seen him perform professionally for a significant number of years.

His “close and consistent relationship management” style has proved to ensure not only client-recruiter longevity but has also proved invaluable when working through the long term strategy of a company.

Alan brings a wealth of experience in hospitality from senior management positions within Grand Metropolitan, Choice, Corus & Regal, Marriott, and Crown Plaza hotel groups.

Getting to know Alan

What is your favourite telephone message you receive?
“Hello Alan, I wonder if you can help me”

What is the weirdest food you have eaten?
“Wok-Fried Insects”

What is the best concert/event that you have attended?
Oh, so many! David Bowie (Serious Moonlight Tour) Rolling Stones; Madness (Ska Revival); Wishbone Ash; Live Aid

Name your six Fantasy Dinner Guests?
“Sean Connery; Stephen Fry; Sandra Bullock; Charlize Theron; Sir Chris Hoy; General Colin Powell”

What is your hidden talent?
“Cordon Bleu Chef”

What was your largest purchase made when you were teenager?
“My first Motorbike”


Thomas Graham

Operations Director

Thomas Graham’s Bio

Thomas brings extensive experience in both the hospitality and healthcare industries and was originally mentored under the leadership of Sir Reo Stakis, opening their first new-build hotel at Edinburgh International Airport.

In the hospitality industry, Thomas has served in general & regional management and operations directorship roles with companies such as; Forte, Stakis, Hilton, Whitbread, Swallow, and InterContinental hotels.

In the healthcare industry, he has served in general & regional management roles within Bupa Care Homes and Audley Care, gaining invaluable experience in hands-on, person-centred care and he gained additional new-build experience when opening the luxury, £25m Audley Inglewood retirement village in Kintbury, Berkshire.

In recruitment, his wealth of knowledge in people management, operations and development, in addition to his experience in dealing with a number of recruitment companies affords him a focus on client needs, service delivery and an ability to lead our long-term people strategy.

Getting to know Tom

What would you name your boat if you had on?
“The Sandra D”

What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10?
“Diletta Leotta, presenter of Italy’s Match of the Day”

Name your six Fantasy Dinner Guests?
“Stephen Fry, Margaret Thatcher, Diletta Lotta, David Attenborough, Peter Kay & Prince”

Favourite Movie of all Time?
“Scent of a Woman”

What would you make illegal if you had the power?
“Reality TV & Fake Celebrities”

Where is the best place you have visited, to enjoy a mojito?
“The Betsy Hotel on Miami Beach, Florida”


Sandra Graham


Sandra Graham’s Bio

Sandra is an experienced people manager and administrator, successfully serving in a number of positions within Local Government for over 30 years.

Her enthusiasm, organisational skills, attention to detail and front facing experience ensures Sandra is a valuable member of the operational team in addition to being a company director.

Key to her years of success have been a natural affinity to assisting people, be that from front-line office within the Social Work Department to client representation in tribunal courts within Welfare Rights.

A natural ability to understand what people are saying and not saying in interview situations assists Sandra in being able to look beyond the CV and gain insight to personalities that enable GPS to be better placed when assessing candidates for particular assignments.

Getting to know Sandra

What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10?
“Brad Pitt”

Name your six Fantasy Dinner Guests?
“Brad Pitt, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Marlyn Monroe, Stephen Hawking, Peter Kay & Prince”

What was your largest purchase made when you were teenager?
“A fabulous pair of brown leather trousers”

What is the best concert/event that you have attended?
“Prince’s Love Sexy Tour at Wembley Arena”

What fashion trend needs to be brought back?
“Shoulder Pads from the 80’s”

If you were 20 years old again, which period in history would you like to live?
“The Roaring 20’s”


Stacey Cole

Associate Director

Stacey Cole’s Bio

Raised and educated in Africa, to British ex-pat parents, Stacey was well travelled from a young age; knowing early on that hospitality beckoned, starting on a small Safari Camp in South Luangwa National Park.

Focusing on Front of House management, she soon travelled to the USA, working for the prestigious Mayflower Inn in Connecticut and later to the UK to work at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Oxford.

Stacey then moved into a senior role as Deputy GM with Virgin Limited Edition, owned by Richard Branson, spending time working on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands and the Moroccan Retreat, Kasbah Tamadot.

She went back ‘home’ to Zambia to help her manage her families’ new safari and hospitality business in Lusaka for 5 years.

Stacey brings a diverse knowledge and experience that will assist G.P.S break new ground into other industries in addition to her home industry of hospitality; working from her office in Yorkshire.

Getting to know Stacey

Besides war and diplomacy, what would be the best way for countries to settle disputes?
“Let’s all just have a drink and sit in a room full of kittens! No one can be angry when there are kittens around!!”

Name you six fantasy dinner guests?
“Michelle Obama, Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey, Emma Thompson and JK Rowling”

As a youngster, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“For a Hot Five Minutes, a professional break dancer! Ha-ha. But more relevantly, a travel writer or hospitality professional (so I could travel!)”

What is the best concert/event that you have attended?
“I created my own music festival in Zambia and in year 2 we had over 3,000 people attend over 3 days; it was pretty awesome!!”

What is the weirdest food you have eaten?
“Inswa Akak Flying Ants”

You are 20 years old again, which period in history would you like to live?
“The 1960’s; flower power baby!


Sonia Murtagh

Associate Director

Sonia Murtagh’s Bio

Sonia brings extensive and valuable experience of the Recruitment industry to G.P.S. from those early junior roles at both Reed and Pure Recruitment to her most recent, senior role as Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at One Savings Bank.

From those formative years, she was set perfectly for her first Senior Recruitment Consultant roles with Anderson Knight and SSP UK, where she excelled in not only converting business but also in team leadership, business development and client relationship.

After three years with Maximus, working as the National Account Manager, Sonia was approached by Berkeley Scott in London for the role of Sales and Marketing Recruitment Consultant; working beside our very own Mr. Alan Hogg before enjoying further success in Business Management roles with both Appetite4Recruitment & Carlton.

In early 2019, G.P.S. made a formal approach to join our professional and expending team and happily for us, she joined the team in early March; operating from the office in Kent.

Getting to know Sonia

As a youngster, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“I wanted to be a professional footballer; sadly, I was born too soon”

What would you name your boat if you had on?

“The Mary Catherine”

What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10?
“Kelly Homes”

Where is the best place you have visited, to enjoy a mojito?
“The Savoy in London; I wasn’t buying, lol”

What was your largest purchase made when you were teenager?
“Tickets to see Madonna in concert in Paris; (The Music Tour)”

What fashion trend needs to be brought back?
“Tartan Jeans”


Luis Botsio

Associate Director

Luis Botsio’s Bio

Luis is an experienced recruiter who has worked internally and externally, and can identify when an organisation may need new talent.

He specialises within the growing IT and Technology sector, with experience working across multiple market industries including Government, Banking and SMEs.

He supporting organisations to recruit software developers, infrastructure engineers, IT project managers (Agile and Scrum) and C-Level Executives by building teams with talent and drive for large scale and high impact projects (remote or on-site).

Luis utilises a worldwide network of qualified and experienced professionals to bring quality and lasting change to businesses; working from his office in South London.

Getting to know Luis

What was your largest purchase made when you were teenager?

“A Round-The-World Flight Ticket to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, North America”

What is the best concert/event that you have attended?
“Kanye West’s (Glow In The Dark Tour) @ O2 Arena in London”

Name you six fantasy dinner guests?
“Kevin Hart; Mike Tyson; Barrack Obama; Preacher Lawson; Kanye West; Donald Trump”

What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10?
“Eva Mendes”

As a youngster, what did you want to be when you grew up?

“A Rugby Player”

What fashion trend needs to be brought back?
“The Mullet!”


Natasha Talliadoros

Associate Director

Natasha Talliadoros’ Bio

Natasha is an experienced recruiter who has worked internally and externally and has the ability to identify when an organisation may be in need of new talent.

She has focused on hospitality and worked with some of the biggest branded restaurants and hotels and has also developed an understanding for the financial sector and HR sector.

With completing her HR CIPD Level 5 she is able to access the clients needs and provide informative advice to the candidates.

Her tenacious, professional and dedicated attitude has become apparent when dealing with high profile clients, small to medium clients, and international contracts.

Getting to know Natasha

What is your favourite telephone message you receive?

“A friend of mine singing to me, way out of tune but really made me laugh; the best present during the pandemic lockdown”

Name your six fantasy dinner guests?
“I would have to start with Johnny Depp (he must be so interesting!); Audrey Hepburn; Frank Sinatra (need him to sing a few tunes though!); Marilyn Monroe; My Auntie Tracy as she would love this; Tim Burton (as he will add character to the table)”

What is the longest and best flight you have ever taken?
“We went to Thailand last year and that was a very impressive flight by Thai airways, constantly being fed Thai food in the air is something to tick off the bucket list”

What is the best concert/event that you have attended?
“Kanye West, who had just lost his mother and it was the most emotional concert ever, especially when he sang “Hey Mama”. I also got to meet him which was incredible”

Which song makes you cry?
“Tony Braxton’s “Unbreak my Heart”. It must be the saddest video/story ever”

What is your favourite personal activity when work is over?
“I love to cook and try new recipes and I always try to follow a healthy diet”

Matt Ondrasik

Matt Ondrasik

Recruitment Consultant

Matt Ondrasik’s Bio

Matt, born in Slovakia and educated in Australia before taking up his first position in the UK as a Chef during those formative years working with London’s White Hart Gastro-Pub and Wagamama, leading to Head Chef roles in London with Zing, Zing and Yo! Sushi where his reputation for a quality delivery of product were becoming apparent; then appointed Head Chef with “The Noodle House” and successfully led the kitchen brigades in London and eventually, Abu Dhabi.

Matt’s first sojourn into recruitment was with Angel HR where he was particularly successful in the accuracy of his search and skills-fit on filling vacancies to the clients, sometimes challenging requirements.

In early 2016, Matt joined the ranks of Leisure People where he utilised his B2B skills set and endearing personality to establish himself very quickly into this new environment, proving to be a fine asset to the company.

He was then attracted by the new and person-centred operational ethos within GPS and happily for us, he joined the team in 2017, operating from the office in the City of London.

Getting to know Matt

Coming Soon.

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