Employment is down, but so is our productivity. People can find work, but they are struggling to find the work they enjoy. In the search for that dream job, you might be leaving yourself short by making one of these 5 most common mistakes.

1. Make it Snappy!
An employer is going to have stacks of CV’s to sort through, so you want to show your strongest attributes. But do it in the quickest time possible. Your CV shouldn’t be over 2 -3 pages in length.

2. Spell Checker is your friend!
We all make mistakes, but some are just so easily avoidable. Check your spelling and check your grammar. Remember your ‘they’re’ from your ‘their’.

3. ME! ME! ME!
This is a CV, not a brochure for your past employers. Don’t tell us how wonderful it was to work in a five-star establishment, tell us how wonderful you are to have been hired by one. Our clients are employing you.

4. Keep It Simple!
It isn’t a show-and-tell project. Keep pictures and graphics to a minimum. Unless you’re applying to be the formatting whizz-kid at a tech giant, print/plain “word” format will do just fine.

5. Mind the Gap
We all take time off work, and we all have jobs we feel aren’t a proper projection of who we are. But if you leave gaps, they will ask you about it. So get ahead of the curve and make sure there are no quantum time leaps in your history.

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