The New Normal: “G.P.S in a Global Pandemic”

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Global Personnel Solutions is closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and continuing to take guidance from the UK Government to adapt our business continuity plans as required.  Here at G.P.S, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all frontline workers and health officials; our thoughts are with those who have been impacted by Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic is presenting a uniquely challenging environment for business continuity management. The lockdown has rapidly pushed the migration to remote working in a short period of time; an approach that will stay put in the longer term. To be successful, many businesses will have to adapt to a structured method of remote working to maintain productivity and efficiency.

Remote working can be challenging especially during this period of uncertainty.  To successfully integrate your business functions to remote working; managers must implement leadership, clarity and flexibility to their employees.  Working from home has blurred the lines between work and private life, thus managers should actively invest in your employees’ well-being to ensure collaboration and communication.

The Covid-19 crisis has contributed to the value of remote working; businesses must seize the opportunity of remote working to adapt and change their way of sustainable business continuity. The benefits of working from home can boost cooperation and collaboration and provide businesses with the flexibility to adapt to unexpected events in the near future.

Remote working has become the new normal and research is showing the benefits of investing in an infrastructure to support staff from working from home such as better flexibility and agile ways to adapt our work patterns, a work culture that is interconnected internally and externally, a realistic alignment of business goals and finally, an opportunity to keep learning and adapting your business plan to growing trends.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionised the way to implement our business continuity plan and an investment in remote working is proving to be integral in the way we work. Businesses have to approach their remote working strategy structurally and ensure continuous collaboration between your employees and candidates.  Now is the time for businesses to adapt to this new normal way of working.

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